Aren t judging homosexuals

Smiling, he said he felt "liberated" and "at peace", but still had a lot to say about the Church, which he accuses of persecuting homosexuals. In his manifesto, Charamsa also asks the Church not to criticise gay marriage, and points out that it abstains from condemning the criminalisation of homosexuality in some countries.

He famously quipped "Who Aren t judging homosexuals am to judge" in when asked about gay people in the Church, pulling the rug from under centuries of teachings that homosexual acts are sinful. Barcelona AFP - More than a month after the Vatican fired high-ranking priest Krzysztof Charamsa for his very public coming-out, he says he has no regrets and is planning a book about his experience.

The Catholic Church doesn't aren t judging homosexuals kill people, but it kills them psychologically," he said. Contra a intolerância.

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  • Enoch September 9, at PM. Again, it takes a follower of Jesus Christ to discern truth.
  • When he finished I asked if I could pray with him for his sister she was recently institutionalized.
  • Gay is a term used by the left to rationalize homosexual behavior. Love is everything.
  • Would it then be okay for such a person to want laws passed to protect his "homosexuality aversion orientation"? Why the Bible and the quran say the Earth is flat?
  • But courage is bravery in the face of fear and I believe your Christian foundation will be just as strong if not stronger if you display that courage and if you have enough faith in the core of your religion to know that you can look deeply within it without having it implode. Their bloodguiltness is upon them.
  • Love thy neighbor and quit doing Gods job.

Charamsa was sacked from his post working for the Vatican office for protecting Catholic doctrine, and the year-old is now unemployed. But the Church has so far failed to soften its approach to gay people. If it kicked them all out, "it's possible that the Church would find itself very alone.

Ancien professeur de théologie à Rome, il compte reprendre l'enseignement à l'université et écrire un livre sur son expérience d'homosexuel au Vatican.

Aren t judging homosexuals
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