Raising a gay family can be challenging

Nouveaux modèles de conjugalité et de parentalité au 21e siècle, sous la dir. Espineira, K. La parenté transgenre, Aix-en-Provence, Presses universitaires de Provence.

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  • They are socially evolved.
  • What drives people to become gay parents?
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Ads help cover our server costs. Transgender parenting makes us enter a world in which men get pregnant and give birth to their children, where women conceive with their sperm, where women are fathers and men are mothers. Goldberg, A. Kids Raised by Gay Parents. According to these studies affection, attention and sensitivity, which are shared by fathers and mothers, are what matter most for the psychological well being of children Lamb, Goldberg, L.

Raising a gay family can be challenging
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